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Our Departments


Blissful parenthood is a dream of every couple we at Ivy Leaf ensure to help you.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

We provide support to women from their adolescence to post-menopause.


Our pediatrics department has a General Pediatrician, Pediatric Intensive Care specialist.

General Medicine

Our team of General Medicine includes consultants coming from some of the best institutes.


The Center for Pulmonology at Ivy Leaf  Hospitals offers comprehensive diagnostic.

General Surgery

The General Surgery department at Ivy Leaf hospitals is a center of excellence in care and treatments.


We offer comprehensive care for several orthopedic afflictions including knee, hip problems.


Our trained medical staff aims to provide the best comfort and care to our elderly patients.

We complete your family

At IVY, every life is important and each journey is unique.

VY Leaf hospital is the pioneer in providing healthcare to women and children.  With the significant service of 11 glorious years in women and child care, we have diversified and expanded our services into General medical Services, General and Laparoscopic surgeries, Pulmonology and reproductive medicine.

Our Consultants